Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Day 15 Terza Rima

Rhyme scheme ABA BCB CDC etc. so I started rhymin :)

Bright Headlights

T.C. 's daily writing prompt bright headlights
triggers memories riding two lane highways
radio alone late at night

Writing now I feel like there's nothing to say
Wearing darkness clothes out of batteries
Stay between two hot pink flaming moon days

Alternative play listing Elvis Costello Taking Liberties
not sure of a dream of a dream or maybe half awake
Damp air chilled nose needs a sneeze

How much more do I need to make?
Is this just another false ending?
Inside a rambling poem from a fake?

Losing sight of the chevrons street starts bending
reminiscing scares about 1975
bible thumping sermons on revelation descending

Headlights scream flickered beams on high
Big brother arrives here from 1984
Dressed in black demanding buy in and comply

Park sign says please don't feed the birds
West wind blows the river back from the sea
Slow speed boat breaks choppy waves off a sea shore

On a sandwich lunch hour watch blackbirds fly low and free around me
So how will I know where the flow is goin and why
I admit this rhyme scheme confounds me

Now how do I edit this chained poem tonight?

Monday, April 14, 2014

Day 14 NaPoWriMo Twenty Questions

Todays prompt is to write a poem with all questions except the last line. EZPZ.

Twenty Questions

What day did we lose sight of the questions that matter?
Good morning, who are you? Who am I?
What is your name?
Grill pizza for dinner?
Are you coming to the meeting Wednesday?

When did emotions get wrapped in questions from a computer?
Do you want to save this password?
Are you sure you want to permanently delete all of the items in junk mail forever?
Would you like a free upgrade to OS X mavericks?
Do you want to save this file?
Why so many questions?
Are you sure that you want to shut down?

Who are the questions that really bother some hiding from?
What thing is so important to keep hanging on to?
Who will still love?
What is our dream?

Who will we be on 04.14.2014?
One of a trillion of a trillion of a trillion?
What will we dream?
Tomorrow - system upgrade

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Day 13 kenning

Woke up in the middle of the variation response on the day 13 National Poetry Writing Month prompt. Maybe "caffiene addict shop" works as a kenning?

not now son can't you see your daddy's talkin

Frank rattles and rolls his skateboard on the red brick stone street to the back of the caffeine addicts shop for a real quick book and smoke break stop when up comes walkin a fear-of-Sheol monger
phrophesying and testifying when his innocent child asked for quarter all Frank heard was  
"not now son can't you see your daddy's talkin"

We played our parts in the singer-songwriter line, having a chat about why songs rhyme, ducked under the back porch of the caffeine addicts shop to get out of the rain then the fear-of-Sheol monger talked up and tried to explain how he got a message from god and wanted to spread it, we were just waitin for the unsolicited sermon to end it felt kinda like stalkin, then the innocent child asked his dad to look and inside all we heard was  
"not now son can't you see your daddy's talkin"

I wonder what it will be like in a few more years when the fear-of-Sheol monger dad communicates hopes and fears of how his only child has strayed from the path when all that happened was he got a "D" in math cause he was obsessing with a game fixiated on the video when it was too late lost lines of communication after the caffeine addicts shop way before puberty when all he ever heard was
"not now son can't you see your daddy's talkin"

so the grown child of thirteen years said
"not now dad can't you see your son's playin"

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Day 12 replacement(noun)s

The prompt was to replace a noun, I felt like making a list of replacements

Replacement nouns

baseball cards
Slim Dunlap
bowling ball
policy search

Friday, April 11, 2014

Day 11 Love and whine, a trip to Yappy Hour

Blog post 50? The April 11, National Poetry Writing Month prompt is tipsy (from wine) love or anti-something like that so here is this:

With my wife watching our favorite band in the universe, Patchouli, play at the yappy hour fundraiser for the local humane society. What is Yappy hour? We ask ourselves. A happy hour for dog owners, a Paws for the Cause, a dog pageant/competition/show. So this is about love? Or drinking beer and wine.

I don't drink
We don't have a dog,
My wife has a cat

Purchasing a sweet strawberry smoothie, with no whipped cream, walking back from Wyoming the whole courtyard smelled of a frolic in the backyard sand and mulch. Watching steps. Write about tipsy wine love, inspiration leaped from the dry fountain.

Whine wimper and love
along a red roped off runway
Be the person your dog thinks you are
My god these dogs are howling

Hearing "Don't call them dogs, these are your babies". Seeing grown adults spending more money, time and attention on dogs than many do on children. Dress them in petstore dresses, rabbit ears, hats and sunglasses. Doggie deodorant wasn't working. Otherwise why would they be smelling each other's but ignore the syncopated barking. Keep generating vibrations creating sonic pressure on dog eardrums. Lets find Zippy.

Look at captain jack Taylor guitar and pens yap hat
Adopt, do not shop for your pets
Kaji, kazi, zoku
It's complicated

Day 10 - Advertising poem

A poemjingle for my favorite grocery store.

whole foods
the organic mechanics
whole foods
healer of ills
whole foods
three sixty five urban local
whole foods
miami to to maine to madison to memphis to minneapolis to tampa to milwaukee to me

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Day 9 NaPoWriMo Poem from five random song titles

For this National Poetry Writing Month prompt, since it is the ninth my random selection includes (way more than five) song titles with nine plays on my Itunes playlist. I picked a lot more than five, a holiday theme emerged. The first title was Alex Chilton "A Christmas Song" which provided the structure idea. Song titles are underlined.

Way More Than Five Random Song Titles

An accidental touch creates the Christmas song
Lost my job playing a boy named Sue
Silver dagger John Henry riding a railroad
outflanked by my rival now I'm losing you

Sleigh ride mud like flies on sherbet
I like the way it is this silent night
Don't stop Saturday's child let me go down
to see my friends while I trip through your wires

The little drummer boy plays for the family of man
Let me die in my footsteps if you won't see me
Dare to be stupid lose the one rose in my life
for auld lang syne
make a little love from your squeezebox
on the tapestry